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Protective Custody is a legal arrangement designed to provide shelter and security to individuals who are facing potential harm or danger from others. This protective measure is put in place when an individual is at risk of threats, violence, or harm, and it involves offering a safe environment outside of their usual residence. Protective custody can be extended to various individuals in need of safeguarding, including: 1. Witnesses: Individuals who have witnessed or have knowledge of a serious crime and are at risk of physical harm or intimidation from the accused or their associates due to their role as witnesses. 2. Domestic Violence Victims: Victims of domestic violence, particularly women, who are facing threats, harassment, or violence from their partners, spouses, or others. 3. Child Abuse Victims: Children who are subjected to physical or psychological abuse, neglect, or threats from any source. The primary objective of protective custody is to provide a secure and safe environment for these vulnerable individuals outside of their usual living arrangements. This can involve temporary relocation to a secure facility, shelter, or safehouse. Protective custody is a crucial component of ensuring the safety and well-being of individuals who are at risk of harm or retaliation. Legal authorities and law enforcement agencies play a key role in implementing protective custody measures and ensuring the security of those under their care. The specifics of protective custody arrangements may vary based on the individual's circumstances, the level of threat, and the available resources. If you or someone you know is in need of protective custody due to safety concerns or threats, it is important to seek assistance from the appropriate legal authorities or organisations that specialise in providing protective services. These measures are crucial for ensuring the safety and protection of individuals who are vulnerable to harm.

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