Homicide Charges: What is 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Degree Murders?

what is 1st, 2nd, and 3rd degree murders

In the intricate web of criminal law, understanding what is 1st, 2nd, and 3rd degree murders, along with the nuances between different types of homicide—from first-degree murder to manslaughter—plays a crucial role in both legal outcomes and public understanding. So, what sets apart these categories? First-degree murder typically involves killings that are premeditated and deliberate, […]

What is the Fine for Not Voting in the Referendum?

what is the fine for not voting in the referendum

In Australia, voting is not just a right but a mandatory civic duty. While many across the globe yearn for the democratic freedoms Australians enjoy, here, skipping out on your vote during federal, state, or local elections isn’t an option without facing potential consequences, such as fines. What is the fine for not voting in […]

Squatters’ Rights: Understanding Adverse Possession 

squatters rights

Australia is witnessing a notable rise in homelessness. Recent data suggests an unsettling scenario where thousands find themselves without a stable place to call home nightly, including a significant number of youth. This situation leads us to examine a unique aspect of property law: squatters’ rights, also legally known as ‘adverse possession’.  How does this […]

When Do I Get My Demerit Points Back in NSW? – Updated

when do i get my demerit points back nsw

Introduced in 1969, the demerit point system serves as a cornerstone of road safety enforcement across Australia, including in New South Wales. If you’re wondering, “When do I get my demerit points back NSW?” This post is for you.  Governed under Part 3.2 of the Road Transport Act 2013, the system is designed to incentivise […]

How to Check if Someone is on the Sex Offenders Register in Australia?

how to check if someone is on the sex offenders register

Every state and territory across Australia maintains a sex offender registry, a critical tool for law enforcement. These registries keep track of individuals convicted of sexual offences, particularly against minors. For those wondering how to check if someone is on the sex offenders register, it remains a challenge due to the lack of public accessibility. […]

Understanding Speeding Fine NSW Under 10km 

speeding fine nsw under 10km

Speeding fine NSW under 10km is a common issue for drivers in New South Wales (NSW), contributing significantly to traffic fines. A look at recent statistics from Revenue NSW reveals a staggering amount collected from fines related to speeding and red light infractions, amounting to billions over the past few years. While some argue that […]

Murder & Manslaughter

What You Need to Know About Murder & Manslaughter Charges in NSW Homicide refers to unlawful actions or omissions that result in the death of a human being. Within this category, there are two distinct charges: murder and manslaughter.

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