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Paul Blake

Partner | Accredited Criminal Law Specialist NSW

Experienced Criminal Defence Specialist

Paul Blake is a trusted authority with nearly 20 years of experience in criminal defence law and nearly two decades in legal practice.

Academic Excellence

Holding three university degrees, including a Bachelor of Laws (hons), and being designated as an Accredited Specialist in criminal law since 2013 by the Law Society of NSW, Paul's qualifications speak to his expertise.

Diverse Legal Background

Paul has extensive experience handling various criminal cases, including domestic assault, manslaughter, and child pornography, showcasing his versatility and expertise.

Commitment to Justice

Besides his legal practice, Paul serves on various legal panels, advocates for clients seeking justice against the State, and offers counsel on media law issues, demonstrating his commitment to clients and justice.

Expertise in Criminal Law

Meet Our Team

Any reference to a "Partner" means an employee with sufficient seniority. KPT Defence Lawyers is an incorporated legal practice and not a partnership.
Paul Blake

Paul Blake

Accredited Criminal Law Specialist NSW, Partner
Jenny Xu

Jenny Xu

Kieran Reynolds

Kieran Reynolds

Accredited Criminal Law Specialist VIC, Special Counsel
Kent Park

Kent Park

Senior Associate
Fotini Sant

Fotini Sant

Experience & Excellence

Our Famous Legal Reputation

Proven Legal Excellence

Our expertise guarantees top-notch legal representation and unmatched results.

Winning Track Record

Count on us for a history of success in complex criminal cases.

High-Profile Experience

We've handled nationally covered criminal law matters with precision and discretion.

Client Centred Approach

Our focus is always on your needs, ensuring a personalised legal experience.

Cost Effective Solutions

Get exceptional legal representation without breaking the bank.

Thorough Case Prep

We leave no stone unturned in preparing a strong defence for your case.

Tailored Legal Advice

Your legal strategy is customised to suit your unique situation and goals.

Passionate Team

We commit wholeheartedly to passionately understanding and defending your case.


Client Experiences That Speak Volumes

Experience the impact of our dedicated legal services through the lens of our clients' rave 5-star reviews, showcasing our passion for positive outcomes.
Tasesa Tomasi
Tasesa Tomasi
I would like to say a special thank you to Ellyse Kwan! I 100% believe that if it were not for her representing me in my case, I would not have gotten the best result that I did! Ellyse is a very organised, strong and confident Defence Lawyer that I would highly recommend!! She displayed her exceptional expertise, especially in the court room when the prosecutor tried to sway the judge against my favour, but she confidently brought the situation back to the facts sheet which I believe was one of the most pivotal moment and reason as to why I got the best case scenario for my sentencing. The judge acknowledged her ability on her preparation for the submissions made, which made me feel confident and less anxious in court. Also leading up to the court date, Ellyse is a very timely and informative communicator through her emails. I could tell I was in very good hands while working with Ellyse every week to ensure I submit the required information to build a strong case. I hope this is the last time I will ever have to need a lawyer, but in the case I ever do need one again I would not hesitate and request Ellyse! Thank you once again! I greatly appreciate all the effort you put in and hope you nothing but the best!
Unparalleled expertise from Paul of navigating complex one with clarity and precision. Special thanks Ellyse of professionalism and excellent communication.
Richard Just
Richard Just
KPT Defence Lawyers are a very professional firm that get great results. Highly recommend asking for Andrew or Rick.
guido zilhart
guido zilhart
KTP lawyers were excellent. They really knew their stuff and helped me heaps. I would recommend them to anyone. Thanks Andrew and Jordan for the great result. Guido
Natalie Keeler
Natalie Keeler
If I could give more stars I would! These guys are AMAZING got me the best outcome I could have gotten HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!
Thanks for Paul and Jenny. I strongly recommend them to anyone. Today was my luckiest day in my life, Paul and Jenny helped my husband out and get the best outcome beyond our expectations. Now I am on the way to pick my husband up in the correction center because he was released in court today. I can't express my gratitude in words. Thanks again for all of your help🙏
Rick is an excellent lawyer and strives to get his clients the best outcome
beau valentine
beau valentine
Ellyse Kwan from KPT Defence Lawyers was FANTASTIC! I contacted her with an emergency on behalf of a friend of mine who had been denied bail and held in custody because of incompetent “legal-aid” defence. I was so lucky to find Ellyse. She was thorough, professional, honest, realistic, determined and completely on top of the situation. Thanks to her work we achieved the best possible outcome for my friend and I wouldn’t hesitate to suggest her to anyone in need of legal defence or to call her again in the future. Thank you Ellyse & KPT I could not be happier with the amount of work, professionalism and expertise you provided. Thank you for achieving such a fantastic outcome for my friend.
Erik Lai
Erik Lai
Jordan gear, fantastic lawyer helped me every step of the way through my legal proceedings couldn’t recommend him or this firm more, got the exact result I wanted!
Terry George
Terry George
KPT did a great job and got me the best result possible. Thanks Madeline McDonald for your representation couldn’t be happier

Sydney Criminal Defence Lawyers – Protecting Your Rights

Are you facing criminal charges, and in need of the best criminal defence lawyers in Sydney? Seek legal advice from KPT Legal, your trusted partner in navigating the complexities of the criminal justice system. Our team of experienced criminal lawyers in Sydney is committed to safeguarding your rights and providing exceptional legal representation. 

Why choose KPT Legal Criminal Defence Lawyers in Sydney?

With over 50 years of experience combined, KPT Defence Lawyers is a highly reputable firm, practising in criminal law. With our case history and successful results, our Criminal Defence Lawyers have helped our clients achieve the best results possible. 

Our Sydney team is well-versed in the intricacies of the law, and we’re dedicated to protecting your interests.

Our Services – What We Offer

At KPT Legal, we offer a comprehensive range of legal services to cater to your specific needs. Whether you’re dealing with charges related to assault, drug offences, fraud, or other criminal matters, our team of Sydney criminal defence lawyers is ready to represent you and achieve the most favourable outcome in court. 

Experienced Criminal Lawyers

Our Sydney criminal defence lawyers are experts in the field, well-versed in the local legal landscape. We understand the complexities that legal issues present. Our experienced criminal defence lawyers are committed to providing high quality service and ensuring that the best possible case outcomes are achieved. 

Reliable Legal Assistance

At KPT, we are committed to delivering the utmost value to our clients. If you’re searching for cost-effective and reliable criminal law near you, we’ve got you covered. Our team of criminal lawyers in Sydney handles all types of cases, ranging from minor offences to complex criminal charges. We take pride in our expertise and quality representation. 

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When you have been charged with a criminal offence, we know that finding the right representation is crucial. Contact KPT Defence Lawyer today and let our highly experienced criminal defence lawyers in Sydney defend you. We stand by your side as your partners in justice.

We’re here to alleviate your burdens of your criminal charges, offering professional, knowledgeable, and cost-effective legal services.

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