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 Juveniles Tried as Adults

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In certain legal situations, juveniles may be subjected to the adult criminal justice system, rather than the juvenile justice system. This typically occurs when the severity of the offence and other factors warrant such treatment.

When a juvenile is tried as an adult, they face the same legal procedures and potential penalties as adult offenders. This may include being subject to adult court proceedings, facing adult sentencing, and potentially being incarcerated in adult correctional facilities.

The decision to try a juvenile as an adult is a complex one and is often influenced by the nature of the offence, the age of the juvenile, their criminal history, and the laws of the jurisdiction. It is important to note that the practice of trying juveniles as adults is subject to legal and ethical debates, as it involves considerations of youth, rehabilitation, and the potential for lifelong consequences.

Overall, trying juveniles as adults represents a significant departure from the principles of the juvenile justice system, which is designed to focus on rehabilitation and treatment rather than solely punitive measures.

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