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Community Correction Orders (CCO)

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Effective from September 24, 2018, community correction orders were introduced as an alternative to good behaviour bonds (section 9 of the Crimes (Sentencing Procedure) Act 1999) and community service orders, offering specific conditions as an alternative to imprisonment in New South Wales.

Frequently Asked Questions

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A CCO must include the following essential ‘standard’ terms:
The defendant must not commit further offences.
The defendant must appear in court if summoned, usually for breaching a condition.

Additionally, the court can direct the defendant to:
1. Abide by a 12-hour curfew within a 24-hour period.
2. Complete up to 500 hours of community service work.
3. Participate in rehabilitation or treatment programs.
4. Abstain from alcohol and/or drugs.
5. Avoid specific individuals or locations.
6. Be supervised by community correction

Conditions that require community service need an assessment report’s approval.

For domestic violence cases, the court must consider the complainant’s safety before imposing a CCO.

The defendant or a community corrections officer can request the court to modify or introduce CCO conditions, except for standard conditions. A community correction officer can temporarily suspend certain conditions.

A CCO can be imposed for a period of up to three years.

If a CCO condition is suspected to be breached, the defendant might be summoned to court. If a breach is confirmed, the court can choose to take no action, modify conditions, or revoke the entire CCO. Revocation leads to resentencing for the initial offence.

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