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In New South Wales, drivers with unrestricted licenses can choose a good behaviour licence instead of serving a suspension.

Frequently Asked Questions

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A good behavior licence allows drivers to continue driving under certain conditions after accumulating demerit points or committing specific traffic offences.

In New South Wales, exceeding the 13 demerit point limit triggers a suspension notice. However, you can potentially apply for a 12-month good behavior licence, allowing you to drive while avoiding traffic offences and demerit points during this period, instead of serving a suspension. If you receive any penalty notices during this period, your suspension duration doubles.

In accordance with Section 36 of the Road Transport Act 2013 (NSW), full licence holders who exceed their demerit point limit can opt for a good behaviour licence for 12 months instead of facing a suspension.

To be eligible for a good behaviour licence, you must:

  • Hold a full driver’s licence,
  • Have exceeded your demerit points,
  • Not yet started your suspension period, and
  • Apply through Transport for NSW

Yes, in New South Wales (NSW), you can apply for a good behavior licence even if you’ve lost your regular driving privileges due to the accumulation of demerit points or a specific traffic offence. 

This option provides an opportunity to continue driving during the specified 12-month good behavior period under certain conditions and restrictions, allowing you to avoid a full suspension. 

However, it’s essential to meet the eligibility criteria and follow the application process outlined by the authorities in NSW to be considered for a good behavior licence. Consulting with a legal professional or contacting the relevant government agency for guidance on your specific situation is advisable.

You can begin the application process for a good behaviour licence through the Transport for NSW platform, available for both online submissions and in-person applications at Service NSW centres.

In cases where your suspension is imminent within less than two business days, an in-person application is necessary.

To complete the application for a good behaviour licence, you will need:

  • Your unrestricted driver’s license
  • The notice indicating your impending suspension

A good behaviour licence remains valid for 12 months.

If you accumulate two or more demerit points while holding a good behaviour licence, you will face a suspension that is twice as long as your initial suspension period.
Here’s a comparison table of the original suspension durations for exceeding demerit point limits alongside the extended suspension durations resulting from a breach of the good behaviour licence:

Demerit Points Original Suspension Suspension for a Breach of Good Behavior License
13 to 15 3 months 6 months
16 to 19 4 months 8 months
20 or more 5 months 10 months

No, there is no avenue for appealing a good behavior license suspension.

If you believe you are innocent of the offence that led to the breach of your good behavior license (e.g., speeding), you have the choice to contest the penalty notice in court.
If the court finds you not guilty, your license will remain unaffected, and you will not have violated its terms.

According to Section 37 of the Road Transport Act 2013, any demerit points attributed to you as of the date of a suspension notice, ineligibility notification, or the start of a good behavior license period are erased.

However, demerit points remain unchanged if they are accumulated after receiving the suspension or ineligibility notice, or after opting for a good behavior license but before the commencement of the suspension, ineligibility, or good behavior license period.

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