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Dishonestly obtaining credit

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Procuring credit deceitfully can result in a maximum penalty of a year's imprisonment, as governed by the Crimes Act 1900 in New South Wales

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The case’s location depends on the property value in question. Properties above $5000 are a Table 1 offence, allowing either party to choose the hearing court. If no choice is made, the Local Court presides. For properties under $5000, the matter is a Table 2 offence, with the DPP having the option to decide on the court.

To validate their case, the police must prove:

1. The accused created a debt or liability.
2. They gained credit in the process.
3. They achieved this through deception or fraud.
4. The accused is indeed the perpetrator of the offence.

Section 178C of the Crimes Act outlines the offence and its maximum punishment.

Individuals who incurred liability or debt that was achieved through false pretense, wilful false promise, or both, or any means deemed fraudulent, shall be subject to a maximum imprisonment penalty of one year.

Dishonest obtain credit refers to obtaining credit, loans, or financial accommodations through deceptive means, such as providing false information or misrepresenting financial conditions. A person can be charged with a fraud offence.

Penalties may include fines, repayment of the obtained credit, good behaviour bonds and, in some cases, imprisonment. The severity depends on factors like the amount involved and the extent of deception.

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