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An allegation of sexual assault can have immense impact on your current life, and it is important that you enlist the suitable criminal defence team so that these claims can be put behind you, allowing you to continue your life and focus on the important aspects of it. The services of experienced criminal defence lawyers where there has been multiple proven success will help in successfully eliminating such allegations you are accused of. Our defence team at KPT Defence Lawyers achieved years of experience, and consistent victories in such sexual assault case. Our meticulous work has revealed opposition to allegations that initially appeared strong when presented by the authorities. We often manage to have sexual assault charges withdrawn in the early stages of proceedings With our skilled and specialised criminal defence team, we often manage to have sexual assault charges withdrawn early in the proceedings by identifying inconsistencies and flaws in the evidence, as well as establishing relevant legal defences, prompting the charges to be dropped. Cases that progress to the District Court trials will be taken care of by our team, who have an exceptional track record in assisting our clients with not guilty verdicts. Therefore, if you are facing an accusation of sexual assault, don't hesitate to contact us immediately at (02) 9267 5555. Let us handle the legal aspects and alleviate your burden, enabling you to concentrate on moving forward with your life. Sexual assault charge allegations can be highly distressing, nevertheless, if you believe in your innocence and wish to plead not guilty, it is your right for your case to be contested in court.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Three crucial elements must be proved beyond reasonable doubt in securing a guilty verdict for sexual assault. Failure to establish these factors will result in a ‘not guilty’ verdict.

1. Sexual intercourse occurrence between the other party and you at an alleged time and place
2. Absence of consent from the other party
3. You know of the absence of consent or reckless regarding the absence

You are presented with an opportunity to clarify or justify your actions in court. The charges against you may be dismissed where the court accepts your defence. The available defences are listed below, and you can click on each one for additional information:

1. Consent (Note: This defence is not applicable in cases where the complainant is under 16, intellectually disabled, and unable to give consent)
2. Proper medical purpose
3. Self-defence.
4. Necessity.
5. Duress.

It is important to note that the legal process can be complicated, therefore having the right lawyers on your side will make the difference in how your case is presented.

Considering pleading ‘guilty’ to sexual assault? It’s essential to be aware of the potential penalties you may face.

Are you thinking of pleading ‘guilty’ to sexual assault allegations? It is important before any pleading to understand the penalties that you may potentially face.
S 61I of the Crimes Act stated the maximum sentence for sexual assault is up to 14 years imprisonment, with a 7 years standard non-parole period (SNPP).

Judges take SNPP as the reference point during sentencing, which determines the minimum time in prison of a person before they are eligible for parole.

The maximum penalty nevertheless is not always applied. The specific facts, circumstances, defences of your case will help to determine the actual sentence. After you plead guilty or are found guilty following a hearing or trial, the magistrate or judge will then decide the suitable penalty. Potential penalties may include but not limited to:

1. Section 10 Dismissal
2. Conditional Release Order
3. Fine
4. Community Correction Order
5. Intensive Correction Order
6. Prison

The gravity of sexual assault charges means there can be a possibility of lengthy prison sentence, hence, it is essential to seek guidance from a specialised and experienced expert lawyer to assist you with the best possible outcome.

In recent years, the Crimes Act has witnessed notable transformations concerning sexual assault offences. There has been a noticeable rise in the number of such offences, accompanied by a commensurate escalation in penalties for many of these transgressions.

Numerous facets of sexual assault law have been profoundly influenced by these changes. These include the refined definition of ‘consent,’ the consideration of ‘prior sexual conduct’ in legal proceedings, the imposition of limitations on ‘cross-examination of complainants,’ and the introduction of restrictions on ‘accessing information about complainants.’

In light of these significant developments, it is imperative to engage the services of specialised sexual assault lawyers. These legal professionals possess an in-depth comprehension of the evolving laws surrounding sexual assault and hold the necessary experience to adeptly pursue favorable outcomes in such cases.

Being accused of sexual assault can be a daunting experience, leading to uncertainties about its potential ramifications on your life and prospects. Below, we present comprehensive information to aid you in understanding the nature of the sexual assault charge and the possible penalties you might be facing.

The Elements the Prosecution Needs to Prove:

1. Sexual Intercourse Definition: As per the Crimes Act, the scope of sexual intercourse extends beyond genital penetration alone. It encompasses instances where another person manipulates objects for penetration and also includes cases of oral sex performed on either males or females. It is not necessary to establish ejaculation or full penetration, and the motivation for the intercourse does not have to be sexual gratification.

2. Absence of Consent: In cases of sexual assault, consent is deemed to be present when both parties freely and voluntarily agree to engage in the activity, expressed either verbally or through the victim’s actions. However, there are various situations where consent may be deemed absent, such as when the victim lacks the capacity to give consent due to age or mental impairment, is unconscious or asleep, provides consent under threat or duress, is unlawfully detained, holds a mistaken belief about the offender’s identity or purpose, is severely intoxicated or influenced by drugs, or if the offender holds a position of authority.

3. Knowledge or Recklessness about Consent: The prosecution must prove that you knew the complainant did not consent, were reckless regarding consent, or lacked reasonable grounds to believe consent was given. The court will consider your state of mind at the time of the offence and any steps you took to ascertain consent. If you genuinely, but mistakenly, believed consent was given, this element may not be proven, leading to possible dismissal of charges. Recklessness would be established if you acted without considering whether consent was given, or despite knowing there was a possibility consent was absent.

Potential Penalties

Although the Crimes Act prescribes a maximum penalty of 14 years imprisonment for sexual assault, it is essential to note that such severe sentences are typically reserved for the most egregious cases. It is worth mentioning that from 2003 to 2007, no offenders received the maximum penalty.

Based on statistics, imprisonment was the prevailing penalty for sexual assault offences, with an average sentence of 5 years and 4.5 months, accompanied by an average non-parole period of 3 years and 1 month. Notably, offenders who pleaded guilty tended to receive significantly lower average sentences (4.5 years) compared to those who pleaded not guilty (6.5 years).

While these statistics may appear stringent, it is vital to bear in mind that with adept legal representation, there is a possibility to pursue the best possible outcome. In certain situations, an appropriate defence strategy may even lead to the dismissal of charges.

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